Software development and technology services
for the global supply chain

Technology solutions are critical to today’s modern and dynamic supply chain throughout each link in the movement of goods from the factory to the consumer. The adoption of best-in-class technologies such as WMS, TMS and asset tracking tools enable efficiency, accountability and visibility throughout the supply chain, benefiting businesses, employees and ultimately, consumers.

Software Development

Powering Supply Chain Efficiency

The technology services group at Seldat is comprised of more than 250 software engineers, developers and other skilled professionals located in five countries around the world. Our team is dedicated to delivering innovative technology solutions that enable organizations to optimize resources, achieve greater efficiencies and satisfy their customers in today’s dynamic supply chain environment.

We custom design and develop solutions that solve real-world logistics problems for retailers,manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and 3PLs around the world.

Seldat’s IT services include supply chain software development and outsourced software solutions

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WMS 360 Software

WMS360TM— Innovative Warehouse Management for Complete Visibility

Logistics professionals need a complete view of their business in real-time, all the time to be competitive in today’s ever-changing, pressurized supply chain environment. WMS360TM, our proprietary warehouse management system provides exactly that. This modular platform gives complete visibility and control for warehouse operations of all sizes and supports virtually any industry.

Warehouse operations managers use our warehouse management software: WMS360
WMS360 is a modular warehouse management software for warehouse operations of all sizes and supports virtually any industry

Benefits of Our Modular, Flexible Warehouse Management System

  • WMS360’s flexible, configuration-driven and rules-based platform gives you the power and control to easily manage all warehouse logistics, inventory and operational processes.
  • Comprehensive reporting and dashboard modules provide management teams and warehouse operations accurate inventory information.
  • WMS 360’s Customer Portal keeps even your most demanding clients happy with
    • Out of the Box Executive Dashboards
    • Drag and Drop Customization
    • Real-time Data
  • Setup and implementation is easy and fast with no disruption to your operations.
  • Advanced features like AGVs, RFID and pick-to-light allow integration with full warehouse automation options for enhanced accuracy, cost reduction and faster turnaround.
    • An included, dedicated EDI integration and monitoring platform for:
    • Complete visibility with supply chain partners
    • Comprehensive reporting and dashboard modules
    • Accurate inventory data
    • No added EDI fees

WMS360 Advanced Logistics Features

  • Inbound Planning
    • Appointment Scheduling
    • Gate Management
    • Receiving ASN/BOL
    • Put-away /Cross-Docking/ Flow-Through
  • Outbound Planning
    • Wave Management
    • Picking
    • Packing
    • Shipping
    • Shipment Building & Optimization
    • RF Loading & Manifesting
  • Inventory Management
    • Location/Zone Management (by customer)
    • Cycle Count
    • Real-Time Worker Views
    • Real-Time Inventory View & Tracking
  • Automation
    • Self-driving robots carry carton, pallets in warehouse
    • Pick to Light for easy, accurate picking
  • Real-Time, Automatic Monitoring
    • RFiD Applicators attach RFiD tag on cartons, pallets at receiving
    • RFID sensor marked locations to monitor accurate putaway and real time inventory
    • RFiD Gateways monitor in real-time any movement/changes in the warehouse
  • Value-Added Services
      • Customer Portal
      • Task Monitor
      • KPI Dashboards by Industry
      • Billing & Invoicing
      • Document Management System
        • Multi-user access
        • Local or Cloud-based storage for backup and disaster recovery
      • Integrated EDI Platform
      • Role-Based Access Control
      • Mobile Warehouse Management App
      • Transportation Event Tracking
      • Customer-Specific Workflows
      • Customizable Labels
      • Multi-Account/Multi-Warehouse

Outsourced Technology Services

Outsourced Technology services

Seldat’s outsourced technology services group helps logistics enterprises manage their software development initiatives with agile business acumen at competitive prices.

The benefits of working with a nearshore partner include helping manage down the cost of your investment and significantly improving your performance.

When you work with Seldat Technology Services, you will get a full time project manager to plan, guide, and deliver software, systems, applications, platforms--whatever technology services or products that are on your roadmap.

Our technical teams are skilled in:

  • SaaS/Cloud solutions for 3PL Logistics
  • Supply Chain Management Software
  • Warehouse Management Software
  • Transportation Management Systems
  • EDI Services
  • And more!

Our core software development competencies include:

  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • Software Engineering and Project Management
  • Design Implementation
  • Support and Training
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Testing and Quality Control
Software engineers for outsourced IT projects and software development

Business Process Outsourcing for Supply Chain Logistics

Ease your workload, eliminate stress and increase productivity with Seldat’s Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO). Our pool of experienced workers and custom-built software tools allow you to offload critical back-office functions so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Get these Benefits with Seldat’s Business Process Outsourcing

  • We have three shifts, 24 x 7 365--your documents can be processed overnight and be ready first thing in the morning.
  • Our multi-step data entry and verification process plus management tools provide end-user control and flexibility
  • A flexible architecture gives easy customization to support varied documents and processes

We have qualified employees ready to jump in and supplement your in-house team at about half the rate you would expect to pay in salary.

  • Data entry and
    Document processing
    • Customs Entry Summary (7501)
    • Customs Release (3461)
    • The entire Entry Package
    • Harmonized Tariff Code
    • Bill of Sale
    • Commercial Invoice
    • Parts Database
    • ISF
    • Historical Documents Data Entry
    • Forms and Applications Processing
    • Invoice Processing
    • Mail Responses Processing
    • Mailing Address Standardization and Hygiene Processing
  • Scanning and
    • Accounting and Finance Documents
    • Bank and Insurance Application Documents
    • Back-office Documents (contracts, import & export, policy)
    • Engineering Drawings & Construction Documents
  • Image processing
    • Background releasing, replacing, clipping path
    • Color correction (e.g. adjusting contrast, brightness, blend)
    • Skin tone, glasses, eye and teeth correction
    • Mod & retouching, spot & dust removal, mannequin removal
    • Objects composing
    • Reflection/shadow removal
    • Photo restoration
    • Photo conversion
  • Call
    • Technical Support
    • Live Web Chat Support
    • Direct Voice Support
    • Order Entry Processing
    • Customer Service Support
    • Lead Generation

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