Supply chain solutions.  We combine a process-driven approach with action to deliver measurable business value. So you can be more efficient. Leaner. More agile. So you can free up cash flow. Save money. Deliver smarter.

Performed Services


Seldat is a full 3PL service company with five distribution facilities located in New Jersey, Los Angeles and Canada with 2 million square feet of space. Seldat’s supply chain solutions provides the cost, flexibility and efficiency that allow our clients to outsource all or part of their supply chain needs by providing an end-to-end logistic solution.

Seldat's commitment to technology, and highly experienced management team provide a streamlined process that makes Seldat a leader in the supply chain industry.

Seldat provides unmatched supply chain management functions that include:


With facilities on the East and West Coasts of the US and Canada, Seldat's facilities are strategically located within close proximity to the busiest ports in each region, allowing Seldat to provide efficient warehouse and rack storage solutions for our clients. Our proprietary Warehouse Management Software utilizes a unique bar code scanning system that provides our clients with enhanced tracking and instant access to all inventory and order information.


Seldat's strategically located facilities allow us to pick up clients' containers at the port, receive and unload them at our facilities and ship their orders in a quick and timely fashion. This is accomplished by using our own fleet of trucks & equipment, which allow us to process inbound and outbound freight without delay. Ask about Seldat Transportation Services for more details on the variety of available solutions.


Seldat clients can utilize our state of the art assembly lines to achieve a cost effective solution to their E-Commerce, Pick & Pack, and Drop Ship order fulfillment requirements. Seldat will customize a solution to fit our client's needs. With our ability to fulfill orders within 24 hours of receipt, you have the power to be a true value-added partner for your clients.


Seldat offers quality packaging solutions that include a variety of cost cutting services that exceed client expectations. These services include but are not limited to: Ticketing, Labeling, Sorting, Repacking, QC Inspection, Product Testing and many others. Please provide us with the details of your specific needs and we will provide you with a customized quote.


Seldat's retail services arm is uniquely positioned to provide Retailers an outsourced solution to their supply chain needs in a cost effective manner. These services include: product ticketing/labeling, allocation labels, carton labeling, bills of lading, freight direct to store, creating pallets, repacking/spinning, mixing product, applying anti-theft alarms and much more.

Our team will handle all your e-commerce fulfillment needs:

  • Our specially designed e-commerce area will designate locations specifically designed for your product and account.
  • We strive to have your order picked, packed and shipped on the same day.
  • Your inventory levels will be automatically restocked every day for the next shipment day, so optimal inventory levels are always maintained.
  • All orders are scanned and double checked for 100% accuracy in order to track the status of your shipment.
  • Our automated packaging process reduces costs by limiting wasted packaging materials and improving efficiencies.

We meet your E-Commerce fulfillment needs for:

  • - FBA & MF
  • Third Party Online Retail
  • Flash Sales
  • Supplier Direct Website


Seldat is at the forefront of distribution management for retail/chain stores. As a leader in the Logistics and Fulfillment industry, Seldat provides solutions for retail businesses worldwide, with the goal of offering complete, efficient and strategic solutions from the source to the shelf.

Our flexibility allows us to quickly adapt to change, putting Seldat in a position to optimize and execute the right inventory, at the right location, at the right time--resulting in real-time responsiveness.


Our professional routing department will schedule your entire incoming receiving, handle all specialized requests, and keep you informed of the scheduled inbound shipments. Upon receipt of your merchandise, we guarantee the verification of the physical delivery of your purchase orders by our team of receiving specialists. The inventory is entered into our WMS system for your real time access. Our customer service team will contact you with any discrepancies and are available to answer all your questions.


We can handle all your processing needs such as ticketing, re-packing, and mixing based on your request.We provide a high level of quality control to assure that all these processes are carried out with 100% accuracy. All cartons are double checked to ensure that the information is processed efficiently. We have the ability to label all cartons with the style number, description, case pack, price per unit, and department. This process ensures inventory control and provides for fast and accurate receiving at the store level.


With our own fleet of trucks and drivers, we can provide the right transportation solution to meet all of your delivery requirements. We can leverage our own carrier network, or work with your approved carriers to support inbound logistics, direct-store-distribution, direct-to-consumer delivery, and returns.

Seldat understands that timing and accuracy are key factors to a successful retail business.

Whether you are a small chain of 5 stores or a regional or national chain, Seldat can handle all your retail chain store distribution needs.

Our main objective is to provide our clients with the highest quality service while providing cost savings and superior service. Because we have our own fleet of trucks and equipment, we can process inbound and outbound freight without delays.

The Seldat team is experienced in handling and executing all your logistical and freight needs.

Transportation Features:

  • Purchase Order verification
  • Dispatched shipments according to clients' orders
  • Shipment tracking
  • An effective fleet service to ensure on-time transportation
  • Deliveries and pick-ups on a regular basis throughout the year

Our Freight Services Include:


Our exclusive Drayage service provides highly competitive pricing that will reduce your transportation costs and improve your inventory turns. By utilizing our dedicated fleet of state of the art trucks and experienced drivers, we make quick pick-ups from the Ports of Los Angeles/Long Beach and New Jersey/New York Ports, and deliver to your distribution facilities without delay.


Seldat works with major retailers across the US to provide customized solutions and services for store deliveries. Data reports are provided to our customers for sufficient audit trails and on-time performance measurements. We participate in "green fleet" deliveries to contribute to environmental benefits.


The goal of expedited freight shipping is to move through the supply chain as quickly as possible and provide on-time delivery. By utilizing this process we create a one-stop approach to aid your critical shipment needs.


We provide consolidation services throughout our business units across the country and the execution of freight into full truck loads for our Retail Partners Distribution Centers. In addition, we offer deconsolidation services that include facilities that are located near ports to expedite the process of goods transported from the port to your stores.



As a full service company, we realize the importance of the costs involved in US Customs duties, fitting of clearances, documentation flow, tracking of the goods, coordination with the shipping lines, ports and depots.

With a team having extensive field experience and advised by the top law firms, Seldat is proud to offer highest level of professional services to import clients.

US Customs Brokerage Features:

  • Nationwide Customs Clearance
  • ACH, ABI and ACE certified system
  • Duty minimizing initiatives backed by top NYC attorneys
  • 100% compliance record
  • C-TPAT Re-Validation experts
  • Easy and interactive tools to track daily container clearances and deliveries


Having secured volume rates in the market, Seldat can match or better any competitor's freight quote. With our worldwide agent network, our in-bound freight service picks up from all major origins.
  • Air and Ocean cargo from all major origins
  • Highly competitive freight rates
  • ISF and AM5 filing at origin for highest compliance
  • Yearly contracts to accommodate capacity issues
  • Inspection services at the origin

When it comes to selling product in Canada, most companies try to do it themselves. When they do, they pay higher duties than those paid by Canadian companies. This increases the cost of goods sold and reduces profit margins.

Now there is a way for these companies to sell products in Canada and pay the same, reduced duties that Canadian companies do.

With Seldat’s Canadian Master Distribution Agreement, import duties are calculated on the selling price of the goods being imported. Without it, import duties are calculated based on the FOB price from the factory. Here’s an example:
  • FOB Price: $10
  • Selling Price: $20
  • Duty Rate: 18%
Without Master Distribution Agreement
Duty is calculated by taking 1896 of the Selling Price. $20 x 189.6= 53.60 Duty
WITH Master Distribution Agreement
Duty is calculated by taking 18% of the FOB. $10 x 189.6= 51.80 Duty Savings - 50%

Because Seldat is a Canadian Corporation with a distribution center in Mississauga, Ontario we can offer a Master Distribution Agreement to Non Canadian Companies, saving these companies significant money.

Benefits of utilizing Master Distribution Agreements in Canada include:

  • Duty Savings
  • Access to our state of the art distribution center in Mississauga, Ontario
  • Ability to stock and replenish inventory in Canada for distribution in Canada
  • Assistance with customs clearance
  • Get the benefits of a Canadian company without the requirement to file Canadian Tax Returns
  • Our Sales team is always available to answer any questions and provide additional details.
Our Sales team is always available to answer any questions and provide additional details.


Seldat’s dynamic team provides the best professional delivery service for our clients and their customers.

We strive to create trusted relationships with each of our clients to develop home delivery solutions that will support their business model and delight their customers.



Seldat has built its foundation by providing the best delivery teams and choosing reliable equipment to ensure that deliveries are made on time, every time.


We offer White Glove service for customers who require the utmost care and attention during the delivery of their products. Our highly trained and experienced delivery teams are capable of delivering appliances, furniture, electronic equipment and other high-value goods while taking “handle with care” to a whole new level.


Our specialists are trained to handle the assembly and installation of high-valued goods such as appliances, furniture, and electronics.


To ensure an excellent delivery experience for your customers, our Deluxing Services reduces your costs with on-site repairs and returns by inspecting, packing and blanket wrapping all products prior to leaving the warehouse.


Seldat Delivery Teams are will deliver in any room the customer requires as long as there is a clear path and location for placement. This service also includes one-room for one-room moves.


Our extensive experience in Transportation Logistics and Management allows us to increase routing capabilities while providing real time ETAs for our delivery teams.


Our dedicated Customer Service team is well trained to answer any questions in a timely manner. If needed, Seldat will place an on-site manager in your facility to ensure your standards and values are being upheld at all times.


  • We provide on-site managers and performance metrics.
  • We have dependable vehicles in our fleet.
  • Professionally uniformed, insured, trained and background checked drivers.
  • We value personal customer relationships.
  • No downtime. We have backup trucks and drivers available.


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