Bespoke Fashion for Everyone

Customize Fashion House will be revolutionizing the custom clothing industry. Using a unique technology, Customize Fashion House will allow everyone to afford tailor made clothing with the precise fit that is impossible to obtain from ready to wear.

Retail Experience

Our retail locations are an oasis for our customers, allowing them to relax and enjoy their experience while selecting their new clothes.


Customize Inc, will allow for an unprecedented turn around time for our customers, that means last minute dresses and suits are never a problem, and will fit impeccably.

The Customize Experience

Four simple steps to give you great style and fit

Step 1

Select Your Styles

Our collection of garments will include formal wear, business attire, shirts, skirts, and suits. Men and women will both have many different options to choose from. We will continuously add more choices to our collection, which will enable our customers to always have something special and new to wear.

Step 2

Choose Your Fabric

Our customers will have many options for colors and fabrics, allowing them to have the control over the price of their garments.

Step 3


Using our unique technology, we will take precise measurements of our customers entire body. They will then be able to visualize themselves in the garment of their choice via an avatar hologram.

Step 4

Enhanced Styling

Your personal stylist will assist you in creating your one of a kind outfit by helping you select your garment details such as buttons, collars, cuffs and laces.

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