Jul 16 2018

An Overview of Warehousing: What do you need to know?

Warehouses are commonly thought of as places to solely store goods.

As the unsung heroes of the logistics process, warehouses hardly get enough credit -- even though when chosen correctly -- can positively impact your supply chain.

Without a proper warehouse, supply chain management systems would quickly slow down and possibly collapse.

Companies without their own storage and shipping facilities can find the solution to their problems in warehouses. Instead of managing inventory in multiple locations and cramped back rooms (annoying and inconvenient), warehouses offer a much more efficient method of managing your goods.

What do warehouses do?

Far from just being a place to stash your goods, warehouses help get goods moving in every step of the way. Order fulfilment when you’ve contracted a warehouse is easy—the value added services warehouses often offer means they will take care of the packaging, shipping, and tracking -- keeping the flow of resources smooth.

Warehouses can also help with inventory management. Keeping track of your stock can be a hassle when you’re personally storing your goods, but allowing a warehouse to record what you have on hand and what goods and resources are running low makes “being in the know” of  your stock a simple process.

Typically, warehouses are both inbound and outbound facilities—meaning they will ship and receive goods for you, further streamlining the supply process.

How can I pick the right warehouse for my company?

Transitioning from managing your own inventory to warehousing is a natural step in the growth process of any company. Picking the best warehouse for you can be confusing but these key components can help you on deciding what’s right for you:


When it comes to selecting the right warehouse for your business, location is key. Companies based in areas without access to major ports and trade routes should be particularly careful about selecting what warehouse to work with—your location doesn’t need to be a hindrance if your warehouse is in the right spot.

One warehouse? More? 

Unless you absolutely need to work with multiple warehouses, the best option is to pick one location and hold your inventory there—unnecessarily storing goods in multiple locations makes it much harder to economically and efficiently keep track of your inventory.


What do you need out of your warehouse? If you’re just looking for someone to send your goods out the door, you’ll be looking for a different warehouse than one offering services to manage high-level packaging or monitor inventory. Make a list of everything you do to fulfill orders, then select which of those you’d like a warehouse to take care of and search from there.

Warehousing for peace of mind

The most important piece of your business is your customers—and the second most important piece is your goods.

Warehousing can put your mind at ease by offering you a secure and efficient place to store your inventory. Warehousing can also make your company look better with the value-added services of packaging, shipping, and monitoring your stock. You can expect your product to look good and shipping times to be shorter.

If you’re ready to talk to someone about warehousing, click here.

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