Apr 02 2018

5 Pros and Cons of Small Package Delivery Services

Small Package Delivery Services

Don't let the name fool you. Small packages come in all shapes, sizes, and weights. From a laptop to get your work done to a pillow that promises the best sleep ever, small package delivery services move the type of items that are indispensible to our daily routines. As with any supply chain solution, there are numerous considerations a business needs to evaluate before offering customers small package delivery services. 

Here we’ve outlined five pros and cons within this space:

  • Customers can pay additional fees to get their packages sooner 
  • Individualized care keeps packages on course for proper destination
  • Advanced technology helps to quickly identify lost packages in the network 
  • Real-time tracking provides customers with end-to-end visibility
  • It can save a company both time and money versus LTL shipping
  • Items face a higher risk of being lost or damaged
  • Customer packages may be left in unsecure places
  • Increased chance for human error
  • Peak season demands can slow shipments 
  • Customers may be subject to randomly failed deliveries -- even if they ordered an item for next day service

Many businesses are enticed to simply choose the legacy delivery companies. However, there are other options that provide top-notch service to meet delivery needs -- and at a fraction of the cost. Supply chain solution providers are expanding their reach by providing value-added services that will move items that challenging last mile to reach end users. Finding a partner with the right technology and the right people is paramount for a business. 

Technically, a smaller package receives much more care than an LTL shipment. The package typically goes through numerous checkpoints for processing, which means it should be identified if it’s heading on the wrong route. The packages go through various scans and applications in order to stay the correct course. Essentially, the more checkpoints your package passes through, the more accurate its journey should be. That being said, the very fact that your package will be subject to numerous stops enroute to its final destination puts it at high risk for human error.

Consumers are hungrier than ever for personalization, timeliness, and efficiency. Small package delivery services can provide all three of those expectations. If you make the correct choice for your small package deliver partner, you can save your company money, increase control, and keep customer satisfaction at an all-time high.

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